These 3 Pronouns are what we will use to establish the foundations of communal culture, communal investment and family-faith community. By using these pronouns, we will garner mutual investment of all who a part of our ministry in all endeavors, effort and energy, abate feelings of exclusion and inferiority and open our arms to the contribution of all genuine gifts to push mission and vision forward.

As your Covenant Partners and Faith Community, the Lord has charged us here at The Summit Church Nashville with developing a culture of collective accountability and to never allow any person who walks through our doors to be isolated or left alone. Our job is to let people know that we have the following unwavering priorities: 


Care - As a ministry, we care for all individuals who are struggling with any difficulty, we are present during times of pain or loss, we pray with those who are in crisis, and are intentional about being a consistent fixture of support throughout the duration of their lives. We will unconditionally partner with them in accountability to ensure follow-through to the finish.


Committed - In essence, the true cost of our commitment to Christ is one that consists of total self-denial, cross-bearing, and the continual following of Him. These imperatives posture us for sacrifice, selflessness, and service. We are a ministry of imperfect people that serve a perfect God. We are committed to following through as we follow him. Psalm 37:5 (KJV) - Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him, and he shall bring it to pass. Even amid our own personal and spiritual challenges, we will remain steadfast in our commitment to the grace we have been given to pursue better in all that we undertake in life.


Concerned - As a ministry, we are concerned about a person's commitment to Christ as a priority, their spiritual development secured through discipleship, the accessibility of fellowship and the importance of community, and their personal development as a member of society.