"Leadership is service, not position."
-Tim Fargo

Diversity is the valuing and respecting of difference. At The Summit Church Nashville, we are privileged to have leaders who are leading experts, proven scholars, published authors, successful entrepreneurs and trailblazers within their field. Our leadership is a center of collaboration, diversified perspectives and intentional innovation. These leaders are anointed with skills that extend beyond the four walls of the church and into the marketplace.

We recognize that we, as your leadership and a church, will continue to grow and evolve as we pursue the cause of Christ as indicated through our mission and vision. Demonstrating equality and representation in our execution, is a priority for our ministry movement at The Summit Church Nashville. We are committed to recruiting and developing people into leaders from diverse populations and to making the climate welcoming and equitable. People will experience our leaders through tangible connections, relationship with a raised level of awareness, and accountability.

We are here to love, serve, and shepherd this faith community together!