"When prisoners in the United States are released, they face an environment that is challenging and actively deters them from becoming productive members of society. Within three years of release, 67.8 percent of ex-offenders are rearrested, and within five years, 76.6 percent are rearrested. With more than 2 million people incarcerated in the United States, recidivism harms both the families of inmates and society in general, as taxpayers continue to support a broken system that sets ex-offenders up to fail once they are released" (Criminal Justice Fact Sheet, 2016).

Source: Criminal Justice Fact Sheet. (n.d.). Retrieved March 25, 2016, from 


The Summit Church Nashville and The Summit Church Lebanon work in conjunction with the Christian Home Ministries (Nashville, Tennessee) and the Debra K. Johnson Rehabilitation Center Main and Annex to provide services during incarceration and post release. In the United States and State of Tennessee, after serving time in prison, ex-offenders are released with significant and ongoing economic and societal obstacles that often prevent them from thriving, thus indirectly pushing them back to crime, and back into the prison system. Many employers refuse to hire ex-cons, and systemic collateral consequences restrict tens of thousands of ex-offenders' legal rights, which essentially extends their punishment and inhibits their ability to function as normal citizens. We are one of the many organizations working to remove these obstacles, provide resources, connect them with real opportunities that promote success and help to reduce recidivism. Please partner with us with your financial contributions to help us continue tis transformational, social justice work. 

***The Summit Church Nashville is an Official IRS Approved 501(c)(3) organization. All of your contributions are tax deductible.