EmpowHER Women's Ministry

EmpoweHER Women's Ministry at The Summit Church Nashville is a interactive discipleship movement for women's ministry leaders and team members of all stages, from new to seasoned, serving in their local faith community. As we train women, we must consider the potential impact they can make—both inside and outside of the church. We wholeheartedly believe that women are essential to the mission of God.

We are passionate about the transfer of generational wisdom ad believe that it is crucial that women "teach what is good" by passing on to other women not just practical principles but the grounding in the Word from which those principles grow. What a blessing is the role model whose heart and mind are saturated in Scripture, whose life is being transformed by the Spirit into the image of Christ



Seeks to engage and embrace all women of the church in Christian fellowship by offering meaningful opportunities for women to come together to develop communities for sharing, caring for themselves and others, and spiritual growth.


Our goal is to provide all women a place to grow in faith and community. We want to build sisterhood within our church that fosters a feeling of connectedness and a place to learn from each other and grow in our faith in God.


Our Women's discipleship model and ministry intentionally addresses women's unique needs and equip them for service, which ultimately bears fruit for the church as a whole!  At The Summit Church Nashville, women learn about the struggles and challenges of other godly women and appreciate that their life experiences aren't unique, that other women share in their feelings and experiences. Women's ministries also present unique opportunities for mentorship, where women who share similar experiences can guide one another throughout their personal journeys. Women's ministries guide women to live consistently with their faith. 


Leadership is more about being than doing. As women, when we have godly character, we will lead in a way that honors God and His people. Consequently, we desire to help our women understand through training and effective teaching the following character traits: humility, servanthood, respect, vulnerability, perseverance, and courage.